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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,

    I have bought your calendars for the last few years. I have received two E-Mails from you advising me to buy this year’s one soon, as stocks are low, but when I go to purchase it, there is a notice saying “Out of Stock”.

    It’s rather pointless advising me to buy one, when there is none to buy, so perhaps you could let me know when you have some more available.

    Your other E-Mail address doesn’t work – my E-Mail just bounces back with a message saying it could not be delivered.

    Lynda Cumberland (Mrs).

    1. Hi Lynda
      Many thanks for your message and apologies for the out-of-stock message. After yesterday’s mailshot I had quite a run of orders which depleted my stock rapidly! The final reprint should be with me in the next day or two and I’ve now updated the stock on the website so you can order as normal. These will be dispatched the same day the stock arrives with me.
      Kind regards – Tim

  2. Hi Tim,
    I have just tried to order one Cornwall Calendar, but although you say I can pay by credit card, I cannot see where to put in my details. I haven’t got an account with Pay Pal, as I rarely buy anything on line. I cannot remember how I did it last year. I can send you a cheque if you let me have your address. Would you kindly reply to my E-Mail address:
    Thanks, Lynda Cumberland

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